Health Screening
What is meant by health screening/testing?

Testing your dog for certain genetic diseases greatly affects your chances of not reproducing those issues in future generations. 
While there are no guarantees, the knowledge that your individual dogs are tested free of certain conditions gives you a tremendous advantage as a breeder and gives your puppy buyers a sense of your dedication to the welfare of not only your own breeding program, but to the breed as well.
The tests for issues that affect Bulldogs are easily attained and for the most part fairly inexpensive.

Why should I get my bulldog tested?

Very simply so you know if your dog is affected.

Can my own Veterinarian do the tests?

In some instances, yes. Tests for Eye conditions and Deafness are to be done by Specialists.  Cardiac tests can be done by a practicioner, but a specialist is ideal.

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What is BCA's position on health testing?

The Health
Committee and BCA have no formal recommendation at this
time on how breeders use results of tests to select
breeding stock or make breeding decisions, BUT in
keeping with the spirit otf the BCA being the stewards
of the bulldog breed, members are encouraged to take
advantage of advances in testing,  genetics and medical
science to always strive to produce the soundest
animals possible with the goal of continuously improving
the genetic health of the breed as a whole.