Heart Murmur

Detection of a heart murmur by a veterinarian is a not uncommon 
occurrence regardless of breed in dogs. Many murmurs are functional 
and benign. Some are indicative of underlying heart defects of diseases.
  Functional murmurs may be due to high blood volume and turbulence 
in puppies, infection or fever, or even excitement. If the murmur is 
loud, accompanied by vibration, abnormal breathing/color or fainting, 
or abnormal pulses it should be investigated further.
  Young bulldogs are primarily at increased risk of two significant 
heart defects, Pulmonic Stenosis and Ventral Septal Defect , although 
others may occur. Older bulldogs may be at risk of developing cardiac 
enlargement, cardiac myopathies and congestive heat failure.
  Because of the propensity of the breed to have murmurs caused by 
congenital defect, puppies should be screened before placement and 
any murmur definitively diagnosed. Additionally cardiac screening is 
available through OFA and may help to track cardiac disease within 
affected lines.