DNA Test for Canine Hyperuricosuria now available
Dear Bulldog and Black Russian Terrier enthusiasts,

We are pleased to announce that a DNA test for canine hyperuricosuria (huu), the production of high levels of urate in the urine that can result in bladder stones, is now available through the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of California, Davis.  The test is $65 per dog and a cheek swab sample is required.  Results are available within five to ten business days.  Information regarding sample submission can be found online at
The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory is a non-profit service laboratory.  All proceeds from the huu test will be directly applied to further research on canine inherited diseases.
The available DNA test is based on research that was conducted in our laboratory at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine.  A scientific manuscript detailing the identification of the mutation was published November 7, 2008 in the journal Public Library of Science (PLos) Genetics.  These results are publicly available at
          The graduate student in the laboratory that has been evaluating the mutation in Bulldogs and Black Russian Terriers, Nili Karmi, is continuing her work in this area. The allele frequency of the mutation in affected breeds will be reported in the near future.  Knowing the allele frequency of the mutation in Bulldogs and Black Russian Terriers will better enable breeders to make educated breeding decisions with respect to this condition.

Danika Bannasch, DVM, PhD
University of California
School of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Population Health and Reproduction
1114 Tupper Hall
Davis, CA 95616